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We decided to make every month a regular summary of the key news from both countries (Slovakia and Taiwan). We will focus on analyzing the media and their way of presenting the other region as well as informing about the events that helped to shape mutual relations past month. In this first article we covered the period from mid June to end of August.

You could read much more about Taiwan in Slovakia than vice versa. Taiwan was mostly mentioned due to Hong Kong crises and cross strait relations. Secondly because of typhoons and earthquake. On the other side Slovakia made the headlines after Čaputová criticized Chinese minister Wang Yi. Here are the key events that was presented in media: 

What you could read about Taiwan in Slovak news: 

Cross strait relations between China and Taiwan were often described in the series of articles connected to Hong Kong events. Generally speaking Slovak media and public paid a lot of attention to HK throughout the summer. End of summer there was even a small protest supporting Hong Kong protesters in front of Chinese embassy in Bratislava. Public could read about the travel ban set on Taiwan, purchasing of fighters from US as well as about Taiwanese support for Hong Kong. 

As every year, Taiwan was in the news due to typhoons and a huge earthquake. Slovak radio had a special report about the cooperation between Alishan and Cierny Balog railways.  

What was mentioned in Taiwanese media about Slovakia: 

Slovak president Čaputová hit the headlines again. After Taiwanese media noticed her election win early this year she was mentioned again after criticizing Chinese approach to human rights during the official visit of Chinese minister Wang. Taiwanese media also mentioned Slovak purchase of US fighters in order to compare the prices. 

Slovakia is often mentioned through sport. Especially Peter Sagan during his performance on Tour de France as well as girl tennis players. Unnoticed was also a Basketball win over Slovak girls (see picture). 

Steam train gathering in Alishan with participation from Slovakia and BA Boys´Choir with their performance in Taiwanese Presidential Palace were the main two cultural events promoting Slovakia past months. 

Our pick of the summer:

* Slovak Technological Company SEC Technologies went to Taiwan to present their Mobile device for detecting chemical and biological pollution.

* Slovak-Taiwanese book diplomacy - For the first time a Slovak book for kids was translated to traditional Chinese and vice versa.

* Association Of European Journalists (AEJ) led by Slovak secretary general T. Macák stood against discrimination of Taiwanese journalists in the UN.